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  • Early morning fishing

    Bait shops in Daytona Beach open at 5am

  • To get wet or not to get wet

    Some do, Some don't

  • Volusia County is the shark bite capital of the world

    Some use kayaks to bring their bait out

  • A rod, bucket, and cooler

    It really doesn't take much more than that.

  • Fishermen love fishing Daytona Beach

    Once you're hooked, you're hooked.

Thanks for coming by! Daytona Beach is a Great Place for all kinds of fishing. You can fish our rivers, our beaches, and miles and miles of tributaries and back-waters. Within our website you'll find tips, tricks, and lessons as to how to catch fish and not waste time and money doing it.

Fishing Daytona Beach is fun and peaceful doing it by yourself, or you can create lifetime memories and bring the entire family. We can help you get started, improve your technique, or simply recommend the correct gear to use. Our online store sells sand spikes, complete beach setups, and we also offer shore guide fishing. We've been fishing the beach and river banks for close to two decades and we know how to catch fish in Daytona Beach!

It's all about choosing your spot

Surf Fishing

River Fishing

Charter Boats

surf-castingFor generations fishermen that live here and travel from up north have been coming to the coast to enjoy fishing from the surf. There's something about that once hooked, it's a hard habit to break. From flounder to sharks, you never know how big or what kind of fish you have until you actually have your catch on shore. Like fishing from a boat, anything can happen. It'snot until you have your catch safely landed can you call it yours. Some fights last from a couple minutes to over an hour. Even then, the last bit of waves can take your fish right back to where it came from.

Here in Daytona Beach you have roughly 46 miles of mostly uninterrupted coastline. The stretch is from Ponce Inlet to Matanzas Inlet. You have a choice to fish Ponce Inlet, Wilbur by the Sea, Daytona Beach Shores, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Ormond by the Sea, Flagler Shores, Flagler Beach, Palm Coast and Mantanzas Inlet.

Catches can range from bait-stealing captain's choice, to flounder, whiting, red fish, bluefish, pompano, trout, mackerel, and a wide range of species of the most aggressive of catches, the shark.

Our in-house Offers!

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You can rent our gear if you're here on vacation or just testing the waters before you decide to buy your own. Click Here -


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We can teach you how to fish in Daytona Beach or we can take you fishing while you're here on vacation. We're here to help! Click Here -

Fishing is GREAT in Daytona Beach!

10 reasons why we love it so much!
  1. It's a FAMILY affair!
  2. Sharks bite more in the middle of the night!
  3. The sunrises are the absolutely beautiful!
  4. Early morning peace and quiet comes with the sunrises!
  5. You can catch many different species of fish!
  6. The fish you catch range from small to beyond large!
  7. You can stop at any time and enjoy the beauty around you!
  8. Small fish are still fun to catch in the waves!
  9. The fish are clean and healthy!
  10. You can fish the beach 24 hours a day!

florida-pompanoYour options when fishing in Daytona Beach are endless. It doesn’t matter what time of day you fish things can be different. Just like your options, the variances of the surf change at any given time. Along with your tides, winds pick up, storms come in, sunshine shines through, nature can change in an instant. You can also catch fish in any condition. Sometimes they bite better when the waves are rough, and sometimes when it's smooth as a lake. Although the latter more times than not, doesn’t bring the best results. Every fisherman has his own or her own preferences. Some like fish the incoming tide, some like fish the outgoing tide. Some like to fish while the tide's in its intervals. Then there's always the sun that will come into play. Some fishermen like to get out early in the morning and stop mid-morning before the sun gets brutal. Others will come in later in the day and fish the evening sunset. Not many of us will endure the sun and its power and fish during the mid-day session.

florida-whitingThe time of year will also come into play. Obviously fall and spring are going to be migrating runs of certain species of fish so that's a preferable time for most. During the heat of the summer not many of the species are moving about and the fishing gets more sporadic. Some fishermen fish all year some would rather stay home and watch the grass grow. For many years commercial fishermen used our beaches to make a living, as time went on, our ecosystem has changed and the overall ecology has changed the amount of fish that we're bringing in. In return this leaves a less congested commercial setting on the beach and more so of a recreational one. Although if you do someone manning 3 to 4 rods they're most likely making money fishing.

blacktip-sharkThe bottom line is, if you feel like going fishing, grab your rod and reel, some bait and head to the beach. Sometimes when you least expect it and throw your bait out one of the biggest fish you have ever hooked will come across your line. That’s one of the great things about fishing Daytona Beach, like the infamous box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.


We welcome you to and hope that in some way we are able to help.

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